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Everyone needs to the necessary skills to be successful; education and training are the building blocks of every triumph. The basis for this Department is to get as much information as possible out to those in need. Almost none of the content and courses here are our own; we just collected as much as we could to better provide you with an easy access point to the training you or your employees may need to better accomplish your goals.

The knowledge accessible through here ranges from free and basic to high-end (and we'll say, not free). There are accredited courses in here with universities and major organizations -- many of which we have negotiated better rates for our members in order to make even the more in-depth knowledge as accessible as possible.


We are all ignorant of anything and everything until we learn about them. Lack of knowledge and experience is one of the major hurdles for every business to succeed, so we aim to offer as easily accessible of information as possible. While anyone can access the information here for free, members of the Chamber have the ability to request information, benefit from lower negotiated rates on courses and programs, and even post online tutorials for employees and potential employees to access at any time so that they can stay informed or get up-to-speed more readily.

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In order to access all the information at some of the best rates possible, a business needs only join the Chamber. The information access point isn't just for business owners, but a company's entire employee roster. We are not-for-profit with other streams of revenue to fund us, so you can feel confident we're more interested in serving your business than taking a tremendous amount of money from you. As always, a year membership to the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce is just $199 and gives you company access to a full array of services that even for-profit corporations just cannot compete with. Click below to get started on bringing your small business to the next level...

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