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There is a semi-myth in business life that boils down to the common phrase, "If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door." Although quality of offerings is highly important -- perhaps even paramount in most cases -- it's not the end of the story. As a business grows, it undoubtedly will meet certain roadblocks involving a required registration or certification. No matter how good your business is or how high quality your offerings, it is unlikely that you will be able to just bypass these rules and regulations.

Thus, it is the goal of this Department to ensure your business is properly compliant and even gain an advantage through the various registrations -- governmental or organizational -- and certifications out there. Keep in mind, these are not individual merits like college degrees or personal certifications, but more built on a business itself. For more individual training, degree programs, and certifications, it is recommended you direct yourself to the Department of Training.


We do not pretend to know every detail about every registration or certification; likewise, we are not consultants or specialists that walk companies through every detail and process. The Department is more a guiding or starting point -- offering sound advice for your company in terms of course of action.

There are hundreds of companies out there that will help your business gain a certain registration or contracting vehicle; most of them, will charge a pretty penny for their services. This is not to say these services are not worth it; indeed, there are many registrations or certifications that are exceedingly difficult and tedious to obtain. For these, it is highly recommended you seek outside help as to do otherwise is not cost-effective. With that said, though: not all of them are that difficult, and not all consultants are equal.

The Department works to ensure certain avenues are in your firm's best interest (not every company needs or even is capable of obtaining a certain set-aside or certification, for instance). Any advice on here is free to all, and we do even offer free consultations to any Chamber member looking for more personalized information. In addition, where we cannot help, we offer our members impartial referrals suited to your business. Every referral we make are vetted businesses and experts that have proven track records; we never take commissions off of consultant referrals.

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Although non-members are able to view all information in this Department free of charge, the best and most personalized way to enjoy the benefits of this Department is to join the Chamber. We are not-for-profit with other streams of revenue to fund us, so you can feel confident we're more interested in serving your business than taking a tremendous amount of money from you. As always, a year membership to the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce is just $199 and gives you company access to a full array of services that even for-profit corporations just cannot compete with. Click below to get started on bringing your small business to the next level...

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