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Business development is almost certainly the number one concern of every company -- big or small. Finding opportunities that small businesses are qualified for and have a real shot of obtaining can be a challenge -- with bigger companies have more resources, better connections, and typically a lower price point. There are, however, multiple avenues that small businesses can have the advantage: notably, doing work with the government and major corporations that have mandated small business set-asides.

The Chamber works with government agencies, schools and universities, and perhaps most significantly, major corporations (notably, large contractors) to put a wealth of opportunities and solicitations together in an easy-to-navigate portal. Your business no longer has to worry about what an entity is looking for, who to contact, how to submit, and so forth, as we take care of many of the frustrating components for you. You simply have to find the opportunity you want, submit your bid, and we take care of the rest.

Why passively fish for opportunities, when you can actively hunt for solid projects?

As an important note, most of the opportunities posted on the Chamber portal do require at least a SAM (System for Award Management) registration. You can go to www.sam.gov to register; if you need assistance, you can also go to our Department of Registration. There are tutorials, as well as potential help points from government PTAC offices and some private consulting firms.


All opportunities posted on the Chamber portal are small business set-asides; your company will never be competing with large businesses here (indeed, many of the customers are the large businesses themselves). Some of the opportunities do have further set-asides such as veteran-owned or woman-owned status, but there are opportunities for just regular small businesses as well.

Many of the opportunities posted in the Chamber portal are not readily available elsewhere -- some are, but many are exclusive to members of the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce. This allows for even further limited competition, and an established prestige your business might not ordinarily have otherwise.

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Although non-members are able to view the opportunities, the best and only way to actually go after them (and gain access to all our other services) is, of course, to join the Chamber. We are not-for-profit with other streams of revenue to fund us, so you can feel confident we're more interested in serving your business than taking a tremendous amount of money from you. As always, a year membership to the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce is just $199 and gives you company access to a full array of services that even for-profit corporations just cannot compete with. Click below to get started on bringing your small business to the next level...

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